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Car pump wet spray trolley

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Car pump wet spray trolley

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  • Date of issue:2019/02/23
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Car pump wet spray trolley

Car pump wet spray trolley product introduction

1. The front and rear legs have large span and good operation stability.

The front leg adopts horizontal telescopic cylinder + H-type leg, the leg span is large, and the rear leg adopts the outer eight-shaped closed leg. It has good force and good stability, and can effectively support the impact load of the rear hopper pumping cylinder. .

2. Pumping system

The pumping hydraulic system adopts 55KW four-pole motor 130ml/r adjustable displacement main pump + 45ml/r variable pump (Rexroth series); the main valve adopts eight-electric proportional valve (BARMAG), which has a constant variable Switch function.

3. The boom is symmetrically arranged

The boom adopts symmetrically arranged with a symmetrical structure.

The boom adopts a symmetrical structure. The telescopic arm and the base arm are on the same axis. The telescopic arm is directly connected to the head of the base arm through the pin shaft. There is no connecting arm, no lateral force, no stress concentration, and no fatigue fracture occurs. Therefore, the boom system is more stable and reliable.


Machine parametersBoom structure
Boom arm tilt, arm extensionThe boom arm is tilted, the arm is telescopic, and the fly arm is horizontally swinged.
Jet heightm1616
Spray widthm26.826.8
Boom pitch angle °0-60°0-60°
Arm pitch angle °+15°-35°+15°-35°
Boom rotation angle °±300°±300°
Flying arm horizontal swing angle °--±45°
Axial rotation angle of the nozzle °360°360°
Vertical vertical swing angle of the nozzle °240°240°
Nozzle swing angle °±4°±4°
Front leg spanm2.3~3.72.3~3.7
Rear leg spanm2.62.6
Front and rear leg spanm5.15.1
System parametersMain drive mode
electric motorelectric motor
Auxiliary drive
Diesel enginesDiesel engines
Motor rated powerkw5555
Operating Voltagev380380
Concrete displacementm³/h2530
Pumping outlet pressureMpa810
Concrete cylinder inner diametermmΦ160Φ160
Delivery cylinder strokemm10001200
Pumping cylinder: cylinder diameter x rod diameter x strokemmΦ90xΦ70x1000Φ100xΦ80x1200
Outlet diametermmφ125φ125
Conveying pipe diametermmφ80φ80
Nozzle mouth diametermmΦ50Φ50
Air compressor parameters (optional)
12 m³/min12 m³/min
Chassis parametersChassis model
engine model
Engine maximum powerkW136 (185 hp)136 (185 hp)
Gearbox position
8th gear (with high and low speed)8th gear (with high and low speed)
Maximum speedkm/h8080
Fuel tank volumeL200200
Exhaust emission standard
Country VCountry V
Overall dimensions (length × width × height)mm9200x2460x36709200x2460x3670

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