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Heavy truck HOWO 33m pump truck

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Heavy truck HOWO 33m pump truck

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  • Date of issue:2019/02/16
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Heavy truck HOWO 33m pump truck

The concrete pump truck is a high-efficiency concrete conveying device that integrates the pumping mechanism of the concrete pump and the hydraulic folding-type cloth distributing machine and supporting mechanism for the cloth on the chassis of the automobile, and integrates the functions of driving, pumping and distributing. Concrete transportation during construction of rural cities, residential quarters, stadiums, overpasses, airports, etc. It mainly includes the following parts:


△The pump boom is a box-shaped structure, which is driven by full hydraulic pressure. The boom frame is 30 meters in length and 33 meters in three-arm Z (folding type). The 35-meter and 37-meter booms are five-section arm RZ integrated type.

Conveying pipe

The △ conveying pipe includes a standard straight pipe portion and a bent pipe portion. They can be easily replaced. The standard duct clamp has both the shaft joint function. The elbow at the end of the boom acts as a brake (brake) for the falling concrete and reduces the friction of the end hose. Since the hose is made of steel wire, the suitable pressure must not exceed 85 bar.



△The  leg is driven by the cylinder to be deployed and supported on the ground. It allows the pump to have enough span when working, which ensures the stability of the whole vehicle.


Boom control

△ All boom movements are driven by hydraulics. All boom cylinders are equipped with safety valves to protect against overload or hydraulic line breakage. △Konele Group pump truck is a hydraulic tank using the space inside the fixed turret as the boom system. Its hydraulic oil can meet the operation of multiple cylinders at the same time. △ It can be operated manually on the pump truck or by using a wireless (wired) remote control.

categoryprojectunitHeavy truck HOWO 33m
China National Heavy Duty Truck
engineOutput PowerKw/(rpm)249/1900
Emission Standards
Pumping systemMaximum theoretical delivery (high pressure / low pressure)m3/h66/111
Maximum outlet pressure of concrete (high pressure / low pressure)MPa9.5/5.6
Pumping frequency (high pressure / low pressure)Times / min16/27
Concrete conveying cylinder bore × strokemmΦ230×1650
Feeding heightmm1200
Cloth polestructure type
Cloth pole up to height/depth/radiusMeter33/20.4/28.6
Swing angledegree±270
otherHigh and low voltage switching form
Electronically controlled automatic
Displacement control
Electric proportional displacement
Lubrication method
Manual hydraulic dual purpose
Vehicle parametersOverall dimensions (length × width × height)mm10800×2496×3820
Vehicle qualityKG20490

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