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Horizontal Hydraulic Spreader

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Horizontal Hydraulic Spreader

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Horizontal hydraulic spreader

The hydraulic concrete distributing machine is a terminal equipment used in conjunction with concrete pumps. It is suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings and large-area concrete pouring projects, reducing costs, improving concrete pouring quality and construction progress. The Konica Group absorbs the world's advanced fabric technology and designs and develops the HGY series of cloth machines with reasonable structure, advanced technology, excellent performance and reliability. Different types of cloth machines can be used in a variety of occasions.

     product description

1. Two-box structure with light structure; 2. Low cost and low price;

3, mobility is very good;

4, can meet most of the pouring requirements;

5. Scientific safety protection device, economical and efficient;

6, mainly used in the use of beam factory and other occasions.

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