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What are the precautions for the construction of the vehicle pump?

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What are the precautions for the construction of the vehicle pump?

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The successful development of the on-board pump has changed the way the cast construction column is used as a whole in the construction industry, bringing new technologies in the construction industry. I also mean that the machinery industry will have more high-tech research and development capabilities. Reinforced stirrups, stirrups and joints should be avoided on the street.

What are the precautions for the construction of the vehicle pump?

Car pump construction use precautions:

1) The on-board pump should be placed on a solid and flat ground, with the legs lowered and the smooth body installed. 

2) Check before construction to confirm normal electrical equipment and instrumentation, switch buttons, each part, in the correct position, the handle, the mechanical part of the fastening point is firm and reliable, the chain and belt tightness meet the requirements, each The normal operation of the transmission. 

3) The on-board pump delivery pipe joint should be sealed and the pipe connection should be firm. The riser should be no less than 10m horizontal pipe check valve, the riser direct connection output will be at the car pump outlet, not available. 

4) When dredging the pipeline, evacuate the surrounding personnel. Before cleaning, the pipe should be disassembled to remove the pressure in the pipe. Nozzle disassembly is strictly prohibited. 

5) Do not remove the operation of the hopper grid and other safety devices. Do not climb the ride and the pressure pipe. If it does not reach the working valve body, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble the pump pump pipe. 

6) If the pipeline is cleaned with compressed air, the pipe outlets and equipment must not be 10m. 

7) After construction, the hydraulic system is relieved and all control switches return to their original positions.

In order to extend the life of the on-board pump, first of all, continue to maintain and maintain the on-board pump, take care of it, and let him work better, because most of the time, the on-board pump is mainly in remote places where the outdoor work, wind and rain, the environment is bad. , damage and corrosion equipment is great.

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