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What are the fuel-saving tips for on-board pumps?

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What are the fuel-saving tips for on-board pumps?

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For many masters who work on the construction site, using the tools of the on-board pump, the construction cost on the construction site will be much lower than that of other equipment in the past, but in fact, the on-board pump can be more fuel-efficient when working on the construction site. , Koneile Xiaobian will come to popularize some tips on how to make more fuel-efficient pump work.

What are the fuel-saving tips for on-board pumps?

The on-board pump is originally a kind of equipment that is driven by heavy load every day on the construction site. Although its various settings are relatively fuel-efficient, the time is long, and the on-board pump still consumes some fuel consumption when it is used on the construction site. So today's car pump fuel-saving tips are able to do the worksite to reduce the fuel consumption costs, so the following will talk about the car pump fuel-efficient, how to do it:

1、Timely inspection and maintenance of on-board pumps

Poor maintenance of the on-board pump can cause various problems, such as partial blockage of the filter and poor oil performance, thereby increasing fuel consumption and emissions. At the same time, attention should be paid to the detection of tire pressure to avoid the lack of air pressure to increase the rolling resistance between the vehicle tire and the road, thus consuming more fuel.

2、Keep your car pump good habits and methods

When the vehicle accelerates, the engine must increase power, and each time the brakes are generated, the energy generated by the power will be lost in the form of heat. Therefore, we should understand the traffic conditions in advance, try to avoid road congestion and reduce the chances of parking and walking.

Unnecessary idle speeds can even consume fuel when the onboard pump is stationary, while sudden acceleration and higher engine speeds can cause the engine to consume more fuel. In general, oil-saving on-board pumps at 2,500 rpm will be relatively economical. When the climate is comfortable, you can reduce the use of air conditioning or heating, open windows and skylights, and reduce fuel consumption. Avoiding excessive idling or sudden acceleration can effectively reduce fuel consumption.

3、Reduce unnecessary fuel consumption behavior of on-board pumps

The heavier the vehicle's pump car becomes, the greater the fuel consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the unnecessary weight of the body, such as the roof box, the side sill of the roof box and the frame, etc. These weights should be removed when not in use. This not only increases the weight of the body, but also changes the airflow around the onboard pump, increasing the air resistance. Unnecessary weights should be removed from the trunk. In the case of poor road conditions in large cities, punctual driving is particularly obvious, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption.

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