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How does the concrete pump operate to reduce pumping blockage?

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How does the concrete pump operate to reduce pumping blockage?

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How does the concrete pump operate to reduce pumping blockage? The customer does not know much about the basic operation when using it, and often neglects the old customers who have purchased the machine. Xiao Bian summed up the pumping operation of the concrete pump, which can effectively reduce the probability of pumping the pipe:

When placed at the construction site, the hydraulic support legs of the concrete pump are quickly supported according to the operating points. When starting pumping, the concrete pump should be operated slowly and slowly, and the stirring speed can be increased at a constant speed. It is known that the normal stirring speed is reached. During the process, it is necessary to continuously check the pressure of the concrete pump and the operation of each system. When the inspection is completed without abnormality, it can be pumped to the normal speed.

Tips: If the concrete pump is under pressure and not stable, the oil temperature will increase. When the conveying pipe is obviously oscillated and the pumping is difficult, the pump cannot be sent out, and the cause should be immediately identified to be excluded. You can use the mallet to tap the corners of the conveying pipe and the conical pipe, and carry out slow pumping or back pumping to avoid pipe blockage.

混How does the concrete pump operate to reduce pumping blockage?


When the pipeline is blocked, the following methods should be adopted:

1.Repeat the anti-pump and positive pump work, gradually suck the concrete back into the hopper and pump it again after sufficient agitation.

2.Use the raft to strike the obstruction site, repeat the anti-pump and positive pump work, whether it can sweep the blockage during the repeated impact of concrete.

3.When the above two methods are invalid, the blockage part should be dismantled after the concrete is relieved of pressure, and pumped from the head after the blockage is discharged.

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