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Concrete pump truckHigh-quality materials, more intelligent operation
  • Boom Slewing Device
  • Split Piston
  • Remote Control
  • Pumping System
  • Transfer Case and Pump Unit
  • S Tube, Glasses Plate, Cutting ring

Hot Sell Products

Concrete pumpSino-German Technology, International Purchasing
Concrete distributorHigh-end design, energy saving and fuel saving
  • Floor lift hydraulic spreader
  • Elevator Self-climbing  SpreaderElevator Self-climbing Spreader
  • Stationary Hydraulic SpreaderStationary Hydraulic Spreader
  • Floor Self-climbing Hydraulic Concrete Placing Boom SpreaderFloor Self-climbing Hydraulic Co
  • Internal climbing hydraulic spreaderInternal climbing hydraulic spre
  • Horizontal Hydraulic SpreaderHorizontal Hydraulic Spreader
  • Mobile Hydraulic SpreaderMobile Hydraulic Spreader
Why Choose Co-Nele Products?

Strong power, faster feeding

  • Use the highest quality materials

    High-strength steel plate, the yield strength is ordinary steel plate Several times.

  • Smarter operation

    With engine remote control
    Displacement adjustment function on the remote control
    Pumping rotation automatic adjustment function

  • High-end design level

    X-shaped legs, short body but good stability; legs can be deployed in a narrow space;
    Use computer closed-loop control of engine speed to save your pump truck every drop of oil.

  • International procurement, original imported parts

    Wireless remote control, light weight and easy to carry
    Originally imported German Hawe, or Italian Volvo proportional multi-way valve;

  • Intelligent control system

    The centralized valve plate is used to concentrate the main system hydraulic valve to reduce the cross-connected pipeline, and the system is more compact and reduces oil leakage opportunities;

  • Secure operating system

    Unique buffering technology reduces system high voltage peaks. Even in the case of high output, the boom is small and the tail pipe is stable;

  • Energy saving control system

    The self-designed and developed 砼 piston retraction technology facilitates the maintenance and maintenance of the daily squat piston;

  • Faster and more efficient pumping

    Large diameter conveying cylinder, good suction and large pumping flow.

  • Convenient and quick access system

    Manual hydraulic synchronous lubricator can lubricate concrete piston and hopper in time, and facilitate the inspection of lubricating oil road;

Qingdao Konile Group

Qingdao Co-nele Group Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city. It is a large-scale construction machinery and equipment enterprise with special automobile production qualification integrating scientific research, production, sales and after-sales service.


large enterprise

Technical staffdevice

Survival by Quality
Development by Science and Technology

  In 2012, Co-nele Group Co., Ltd. vigorously came to introduce the sixth batch of after-sales service vehicles, distributed in Henan, Hebei, Sichuan, Hunan and other places. Each service car is responsible for the response within 2 hours, and arrives at the customer site within 24 hours to solve the problem in time.

  • Delivery ceremony
  • Delivery ceremony
  • Delivery ceremony
Classic caseStable performance, safety and reliability
  • 50m Judeka pump truck50m Judeka pump truc
  • Engineering caseEngineering case
  • Customer caseCustomer case
  • 50 meters construction50 meters constructi


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Concrete pump truck

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